This very individualized program is designed for our participants of all ages who have a lower level of autonomy and socializing difficulties. The activities are varied and stimulating. The maximum ratio is of one counselor for one or two participants, depending on the specific needs of the participant.

While benefiting from individual support, participants are placed into four-people sub-groups according to their age, interests, and ability to participate in activities.

This program is offered on our main campus at the Colonie deGranpré, 756 chemin des Patriotes, Otterburn Park.


This program aims at answering the particular needs of autistic people who, because of serious behavioral problems, need an even tighter supervision.

The need for respite of families living with these persons is crying, and Emergo is often the only resource that can offer them this vital respite.

This program is offered on our main campus at the Colonie deGranpré, 756 chemin des Patriotes, Otterburn Park.

Un Rêve à Réaliser

This program allows high level autistic people or people  with Asperger’s Syndrome to take up many challenges adapted to their capabilities.

Grouped in the same chalet, participants take part in activities adapted to their needs and participate, each in their own way, to the different daily living activities. The ratio is of two counselors for four participants.

This program is offered at the Villa de l’Île Perrot, 93 Chemin du Vieux-Moulin, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, QC J7V 8P6. We have pictures of the Villa here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-37WV2w1Ns6a1ZRMktqNVU1Um8?usp=sharing


Focused on integration, this program is designed for children from six to fourteen years old with higher socialization aptitudes. The children participate full time or part time to the activities of the Camp Mariste outdoor center.

Participants are paired with Emergo counselors, who help and guide them in the evolution of their integration. The counselors also serve as a link between the Emergo children and the Camp Mariste children and collaborate with the other counselors.

This program is offered on our Camp Mariste satellite campus, in Rawdon, in the Lanaudière Region.